It didn't take long, only a matter of hours, for Apple's new iPad to find it's way into a car.

A US car audio company, SoundMan have become the first to install the iPad into a car dashboard. As soon as the iPad was launched, the SoundMan team moved quickly to install it into a Toyota Tacoma Pick-Up truck.

I've been thinking of installing a media centre into my own car, but after watching this I'm having thoughts of simply installing an iPad.

The iPad is close to release with less than 1 month to go. So you might be asking, what applications are available with the iPad by default?

There are 13 applications available by default which have been optimised and enhanced specifically for the iPad. iBooks is a new application for the iPad but the following have been removed when compared to the iPhone:-

  • Stocks
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Weather
  • Voice Memos

I understand why the Clock and Voice Memos iPad application may have been skipped as they would be very difficult to create an interface to suit the size of the iPad. Do you just create a bigger clock? No, of course not. I don't understand why they couldn't come up with the idea of a world map showing analogue clocks in different timezones, wouldn't that be efficient for the iPad.

Whilst people consider this to be a small utility, you wait until the calculator is not available whilst you have the iPad in your hands. We have been promised these missing iPad applications will be available on the iTunes store so hopefully this is true.

Will have to check with the staff down at my local Brisbane Apple Store.

At the moment, Adobe are making a Flash plugin for the Apple iPhone with their belief that if they make it good enough, Apple will publish it. Unfortunately for Adobe and the rest of the world, the likely hood of Flash being available on the iPhone will be very slim.

To begin with, the applications that are available to download through Apple's iPhone App Store are making millions of dollars for Apple and a little for the developers making the applications. If Flash was available on the iPhone, it would be able to avoid the whole App Store process and developers can sell their applications themselves and receive 100% of the sales.

There would be very little chance of the iPhone ever having Flash available unless there is another phone that is taking a substantial amount of the iPhone sales away, and of course this phone runs Flash. In my own point of view of the iPhone, the only 'wow' factor is the interface which has been replicated on Windows Mobile phones already.

The iPhone has a lot of restrictions and I believe it is only popular because of Apple's Marketing strategies, and the popularity they gain with younger audiences. I have an iMate JasJam which has more features then the iPhone and it's nearly 2 years old, so I'm expecting more features will be available in the latest models which puts the iPhone lower on the features list.